Thursday, August 18, 2005

All the Pretty Elephants of Yellow

TBogg: DIY

Virgin Ben is a hard core member of RightWingNuttia. He finds sex repulsive and is waiting until he finds the perfect woman to be miserable with before engaging in the necessary biological functions to pro-create.

Which is great and all that...
but it certainly conflicts with his logic on the war.

See, Ben is a devout chickenhawk, and sees no problem with cheering on "those other kinds of people" while he stays at home jerks off waiting for Ms. RightWing.

If he was consistent, he could pay Gannon/Guckert to come over and jerk his dick for him, yet claim the moral high ground on virginity because, by God, he didn't wank himself.

"He can have whatever mindset he wants but if he wants a war to be fought he should be willing to fight it himself. Shapiro has yet to give one good reason why he shouldn't put his life on hold and head down to the recruiters office and sign up.

He doesn't want to be called a chickenhawk? Fine.

He's a pussy.

Which is another thing he doesn't get."

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