Thursday, July 28, 2005

Why Does Jean Schmidt Hate Our Veterans?

MyDD : : MSNBC - Schmidt versus Hackett

Turns out Republicans worship soldiers only when they are conservative Republicans, but you already knew that. They smeared McCain and Cleland, questioning the honor of true war heroes to draw attention away from their own chickenhawk status.

Now, apparently, the issue isn't even compelling enough to earn a smearing. Jean Schmidt simply says Paul Hackett's service is irrelevant, because "local people" don't care about Iraq.

Imagine, if you will, Hillary Clinton making that statement and the absolute RingWingNuttia orgasmic clusterfuck of coverage for weeks on MSM that would result.

So Schmidt says "who gives a fuck" to Iraq war veterans, and yet, she trumpets her support of Bush's war as a strength! My Gawd, the balls on that woman...

'I can't wait to send more cannon fodder over there in support of an unwinnable war that has made us less safe, but anyone who actually put their ass on the line is just another sap.'

And the soulless theocons love her, because Schmidt has a (R) after her name.

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