Wednesday, July 27, 2005

MTA Logos Required on Crucifixes?

North County Times - Sikh transit employees in New York City file discrimination complaints

Apparently David Duke has taken over New York City's public transit system. What possible justification could be made to treat all Sikhs as suspected terrorists? How fucking dumb are we about other cultures?

Did Mayor TurdBloom sign off on this, and if so, is he aware about the only time Sikhs make in the paper lately is when some mouth-breathing thecon whacks one while squealing about "those damn Arabs?"

NYC must get its marching orders straight from Cheney-Rove, because no other municipality is generally this damn stupid.

"Kevin Harrington, put his No. 4 train in reverse, backed into the Wall Street station and ushered his passengers to safety across the Brooklyn Bridge after two hijacked planes struck the World Trade Center.

Now, he and the others have been ordered to put the logos on their turbans even though other transit employees who wear Yankees caps, yarmulkes or other head gear are not required to do so, said Amardeep Singh, a lawyer for the men.

Singh said the MTA's order was an ignorant reaction to terrorism."

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