Friday, July 22, 2005

ManOnDog's Family Values? Lie About Where Your Kids Live To Cheat a School District

Penn Hills loses bid to charge Santorum for online school tuition

So good ol' ManOnDog Santorum cheated a school district out of thousands of dollars by enrolling his kids in a charter school out of their residency. Typical Republican elitist, surveying the landscape and declaring that his wealth entitles him take what he wants.

Then he has the nerve to release this statement:

"'I can assure you that I will not involve my opponent's children in the upcoming Senate campaign and neither will my surrogates,' Santorum said. 'I am challenging my opponent to join me today in making this public commitment to my children.'"

You dragged your kids into it when you enrolled them in a school district you don't live in, jackass.

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