Friday, July 22, 2005

Corporate Media Whores Put to Good Use by Bush Administration on Nomination

CJR Daily: Echo Chamber

The corporate media shills, and particularly the whorish White House puss corps, continue to progress into submissive, desirous bottoms for the Rovian tops of the Bush administration. Atrios has made the case that any reporter still owning a pair would out the lying snake that fed them lies about the nomination over and over again.

But they don't want to lose access to their source, because who knows; the source might have some more lies to feed them tomorrow!

Follow the link to see detailed observation of the carnage that was the nomination.

"But our favorite moment of the day came at 4:02 p.m., when CNN got desperate. In a special report, one CNN reporter wondered whether Bush would use this nomination as a chance to leave behind a legacy. 'After all, a second-term president isn't thinking about reelection,' the reporter said. 'He's thinking about his legacy. Naming the first Hispanic justice would make history.'

And with that, we kid you not, CNN cut to this: "

(Hat tip: Atrios)

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