Monday, May 30, 2005

Bush: Heh Heh, Don't Mind a Little Exploitation, Do Ya?

Bush: America Will Honor Fallen Soldiers - Yahoo! News

"On Monday, Bush evoked the memories of American soldiers who have died, reading excerpts from the letters they wrote, in some cases letters that were to be opened only in the event that the soldier didn't make it home."

It is disgusting and sickening that a President who is too ashamed of our fallen soldiers to honor them when they arrive at Dover, will shamelessly quote from their letters.

Any bastard who dishonors our dead by hiding them away deserves contempt from the military. To further degrade them by turning their letters into a "freedom is on the march" stump speech just makes my blood boil.

Any speech by Dubya "AWOL" Bush should have simply honored our military, thanked our veterans, and reminded everyone of the sacrifices that are made when our country asks soldiers to go to war.

Do not raise your arm in victory when the blood is still on your hands, the lies still on your lips.

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