Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Airlines Execs Salivate at United's Victory

Yahoo Business: Judge Approves End of United Pension Plans

The attack on the middle class continues. Now that United and U.S. Airways have successfully shed their pension plans, expect the entire airline industry to do the same; an entire industry able to break a promise between Big Business and labor - work hard for less pay, and we will reward you in retirement.

Unions are the only offset to large corporations, and America owes its reputation for the American dream to the effect they had in the early 20th century to improving everyday life in the States. Ending child labor, reasonable work weeks, livable wages, retirement benefits: all these things would not exist without unions.

Reagan is so revered by the right in part because he so successfully helped push unions off the cliff. As more and more laws continue to erode the ability of unions to exist; profits and executive pay have soared while working stiffs not only find stagnant wages, but continually dwindling benefits.

During this sad moment when yet another pension bites the dust, it is not hard to see why Bush is so eager to destroy Social Security as well.

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