Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?

Yahoo! News - Reports: Material Behind New U.S. Alert Is Years Old

I've heard and read more than a few theories that the Bush administration will keep America's nerves jangled until election day, based on the theory that fear will draw them to the "war president."


And for the most part, it sounds like hysterical left rhetoric. But it sure smells like wag the dog when they announce the capture of an al Queda leader days after the fact, during the Democratic National convention.

And now, I've never seen so much coverage over this NYC financial district "threat." Big media is orchestrated by big money these days. "Journalism" seems to be a lost art; the networks all tend to follow the same stories that are spoon-fed to them.

So, it makes me wonder who threw the switch on this NY coverage. How many threats have we had in the past, and other than giant events (which any terrorist with half a brain will stay away from), we've never had such a media feeding frenzy.

NYC, 9/11, Republican National convention...

I still won't bite; but damn, this administration has spread so much fear and lies it is getting harder and harder not to side with the conspiracy theorists.

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