Sunday, August 01, 2004

Middle class squeeze continues

CBS Marketwatch: Middle-class jobs are missing

Saw this article which editorially tries to say it's not just low-income jobs that are being created; and yet, the data they cite doesn't paint much of a rosy picture.

I caught This Week with George Stephanopoulos on the tube today. On the obligatory panel discussion, Republican spin mistress Mary Matlin gave her "impression" of the Democratic National Convention. (I think it's fair to say her impression, but filtered through some rabid neocon focus group; I mean really, her bitterness against the left or Democrats seems to have reached expiration and curdled into hate.)

If this is the tack the Republicans are going to take to blunt the convention love-fest, I smell failure.

First off, Mary, please.. lighten up. She spent the entire time on camera either glaring or with her face all scrunched up looking like: "Did somebody fart in here?"

She feigned disappointment that the entire convention was filled with hate speech. Hate?! Really? You're going to spin John Edwards as a "hater"? Rich.

She continually attacked Kerry as proposing ideas that are, like so twentieth century. Or even better, he's proposing the same health care program the Democrats have been bitching about since 1948. (Please note, she thinks it's a weakness the Dems have cared about your health for decades, and Bush started caring when his numbers tanked.)

Fareed Zakaria called her on that one immediately. "Didn't the Republicans love the 50's?" Amen.

I hope she carries this message far and wide; the convention was failure (she actually said "missed opportunity.) Hopefully the Bush camp has "misunderestimated" Kerry. Compare her analysis with the "The McLaughlin Group," with such left-wing apologists as Pat Buchanan and Tony Blankley. The entire panel declared the convention a success and Kerry's speech an A or B.

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