Saturday, August 21, 2004

America of the Democrats, America of the Republicans

Homegrown Democrat by Garrison Keillor

Here's what a real writer feels about the difference between a Democratic nation and a Republican nation, told with his usual wit and hometown yearning. His folksy writing style reminds me of my earlier Iowa days (who says Minnesotans and Iowans can't agree on anything?)

"The Union does not rest on strength of arms or financial wealth but on the common faith of American people that their children have a fair chance to thrive, that the iron gates have not slammed shut on them, that there is justice, that the Bill of Rights has not been privatized. This is the bottom line in America: we have to feel that our kids stand a chance—otherwise, there’s a civil war brewing."

"A little TV Republican named Tucker Carlson wrote a column saying that if Democrats want to win, they need to (1) talk tough, (2) start their own think
tanks, and (3) get a sense of humor. (3) Got one, Tucker, (2) got plenty of think tanks, except we call them colleges, and (1) shut your piehole, peabrain, or I’ll set fire to your loafers."

- Garrison Keillor

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