Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Arpaio Circus Closing As Well As Barnum

One of things I did not pay enough attention to was how Penzone was finally able to unseat the disgusting Arpaio.  Not just unseat him, but slaughter him (55% to 44%).

Personally, I never understood how Arpaio's dog and pony show held up year after year other than the constant, low-grade racism that runs through Maricopa County Republicans.  I get it, as long as he was arresting brown people he was going to get those votes.

But he had a bad habit of killing innocent people in his jails, breaking federal laws, and engaging in constant corruption to enrich himself and his henchmen.  Perhaps his contempt of court criminal charges and harassment of a judge finally was too much for his dull followers to swallow, and they were finally forced to admit he'd been shitting on his badge for years.

Sheriff Penzone to shut down Tent City

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