Sunday, March 12, 2017

Not a Bug, It's a Feature

The Trumpkin rubes remain willfully ignorant of how hard President Bannon is about to hit them on health care; and they continue to go along because they feel the blahs will be hurt worse.

Again, the whole point of "repeal" is to strip away the coverage provided by the Affordable Care Act. There's no budgetary reason to do so: Repeal is expected to cause a huge hit to the deficit and weaken Medicaid dramatically, perhaps fatally. There's no moral reason to do it: For all the whining about Americans having the freedom to die alone in a ditch if they want to, those people can pay a small penalty and plop themselves down in whichever ditch they like. But rich people want the tax cut, and insurance companies want to be able to reduce coverage, and Republicans who labeled reforms Obamacare in an effort to demonize them as part and parcel of the scary black man's supposed reign of tyranny have now backed themselves into the corner of needing to strip healthcare from their own voters in order to keep their campaign promise of doing exactly that.

It's Sunday, so here comes Team Trump to lie to the nation

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