Saturday, March 04, 2017

Another Republican Asshole

I continue to try and believe that the conservatives I interact with are not bigoted pricks.  It is exhausting, given the types of people they vote for:

State Rep. Passes Out Questionnaires Before Allowing Muslim Constituents Entry Into Office

I'm sure the fact that President Bannon is racist and supports white nationalism does not encourage the thugs of our country to act.  I'm sure the constant attempts at normalizing the useful idiot Trump is not looked at as a call to arms for the unstable.

He yelled ‘Get out of my country,’ witnesses say, and then shot 2 men from India, killing one

‘Go back to your own country’: Sikh man shot in his driveway in suspected hate crime

Queens Woman, 69, Says She Was Attacked by Man Yelling 'You Ought to Be Deported'

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