Thursday, December 11, 2008

Required Reading

Republicans, even now, are desperately re-writing the history of the Bush era. Turd Blossom, in particular, will bloviate from FauxNews about the wondrous 8 years we have just experienced.

People find it ridiculous to suggest, in 10 years or less, the corporate media will be broadcasting these messages in full -- that Bush was misunderstood, and his policies (and particularly the Iraq War) -- were by and large successful.

Impossible? Just look at the Reagan years. From Iran-Contra, to union-busting, to sky-rocketing deficits and the reversal of Carter's efforts to get us off foreign oil -- it, too, was a disaster. Granted, not the epic scale of Bush, but terrible for the US nonetheless. And the media woships Reagan like a dying, rich uncle.

So too will go the Bush administration. Which is why this Vanity Fair article is required reading. To give those of us living in the reality-based world the ammunition to set the record straight when Republicans blame minorities, the poor, Dems, and labor for the coming Bush Depression.

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