Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mayor Berman Keeps Interesting Company

My cyber-stalker wingnut has temporarily stopped harassing me, and I imagine it is because defending Gilbert Mayor Steve "Hitman" Berman is a full-time job.

He recently sent a letter to a judge asking for leniency in a case involving a family friend. The crime? Killing a teenager in a drunk-driving accident.

One wonders what kind of dirt the defendant had on said mayor.

Berman apologizes for letter about convict

Berman initially released a statement to KNXV-TV (Channel 15) after news about the letter came out. In that statement, he wrote: "If I had to do it over again, I would have written the letter on a personal letterhead rather than town stationary."

He also added: "Before writing the letter, I checked public records and found no indication that Raymond had ever been cited previously for DUI."

But Kohan has a detailed criminal past.

Court records show that he has seven drug arrests, two other DUIs, grand theft and petty theft charges, disorderly conduct arrests, probation violation and was found driving with a suspended license.

It's not clear how Berman and Kohan know each other.

Kohan couldn't be reached, and Berman won't talk about their relationship.

But in the mayor's letter, he wrote that he has known Kohan and his family socially and professionally for a number of years.


Anonymous said...

Hey I found this blog by googling John Lewis and it said something about a video so I clicked on it what is it? Do you have something that could potentially embarrass Gilbert again? We do not need any more slimy politicians.

Dale Overhill said...

Unless and until someone posts a link from a legitimate source about Berman's competition, I won't allow them to be smeared on this blog by Anonymous posters.

The comment you are talking about was posted by a Berman fan and slandered a candidate without proof.

Anonymous said...

O so its probably Berman just running his mouth, that's good. Thank you for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

If Berman apologized and withdrew the letter what more do you expect of him. He stuck his neck out for a friend, which turned out to be a mistake. Do prefer the wimpy pols who refuse to take a stand on anything or anyone. People who never make mistakes are people who never do anything.