Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fans of Steve Berman (aka Rightwing Fucktards)

Writing a liberal blog in Arizona means getting hate mail. The state is as red as the ink on Bush's budgets. It's inevitable, and I can deal with that.

But sometimes the crazy is off the charts. Some follower of Dear Leader took time out from WingNuttia to google articles critical of Gilbert Mayor Steve "Where's my toupe?" Berman. A post of mine from 3 years ago came up in the search.

Rather than debate the "merits" of her case, she claimed to know me and called me a child molester. Harvard Debate Team member, she 'aint.

Been called worse by better; but here's where the state of the Republican party is today. Supposedly church-going "human" saying this about my son who died during delivery (get the kids out of the room, no soap can cleanse this mouth):

"What did you do to your son you sick bitch! You child predator! I hope you go to hell for your sins! We all know you raped your son to death bitch! You are the devil. God will punish you accordingly for what you did to that little baby boy. You sick fuck."

Luckily, my wife hates politics so she never reads this blog. It would crush me to have her read something from this vampire. But this is the kind of thing that, unfortunately, makes me realize that the RightWingers truly believe in nothing but their own hatred.

People like this chick are busy sending Obama death threats as we speak. They spit on the homeless and call themselves Christian. They clutch their purses when they see Latino- and African-Americans.

This is the response I got because I criticized a Republican mayor. Really?

Arizona is such a beautiful state... how did we raise such ugly people?

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Anonymous said...

Hey don't think it was a Berman supporter that left you that because he does not have any. My guess is that it was Berman himself and if you live in Gilbert you need to do everything you can to get him out. I know all the candidates are republican but look at the one that you think will do the best job.