Monday, October 20, 2008

Next Worst President Evah

McCain has proven one thing to me.

Despite my utter disbelief that anyone could be worse than Bush, he has pulled it off. Even Bush did not stir up the race hatred, McCarthy-like attacks, and the general incompetence McCain and Palin have displayed.

If by some miracle the Repugs steal another election, this country will be known as the biggest clusterfuck in the galaxy.

I hear a lot of people say they don't think McCain is racist; even given his fondness for the word "gook" or his fight against MLK Day. Maybe they're right.

But the evil McCain has unleashed, particularly with his incredibly hateful running mate; will not be reigned back in. If Obama wins, McCain will probably pretend he didn't mean to do what he has done.

If McCain wins, I would expect he would actively try to tamp down his racist Klan-loving fans -- but they will have none of it. The old Reagan era is back in at least one way:

it's cool to hate Negroes in the Republican party again.


Anonymous said...


You don't seem to like anyone. And for that matter it seems like nobody really likes you. I mean there are no comments to ANY of your blogs. What is up with that? I heard something from one of the parents at church...were to arrested for raping your son to death? I know it seems far out there, but there are some that says it was all over the news papers. What the hell man? If that's true, I can't have anything else to do with you guys anymore. That is just not right.

Dale Overhill said...


My dear, do you know how to spell i-r-o-n-y? Can you use it in a sentence?

Irony is when Republicans get elected on "fiscal conservatism" and spend like Paris Hilton on a bender. Or when they run on "family values", when they are despicable human beings whom mistreat their wives.

Or how about this one... how about someone taking a swipe about how no one comments on some shitty, barely used blog; a person so pathetic and devoid of intellect they post mindless drivel to someone they know nothing about and whom couldn't care less about them?

You are definitely entertaining, girlfriend; it must be a trip to see you in action.