Monday, July 28, 2008

Last Thing on Shooter

He had a ton of shells; he expected to use them all and die in a police shootout.

Imagine his utter shock and dismay when 2 church members rushed him and pinned him to the ground. Limbaugh had told him his entire life that these subhuman liberals were cowards and would lie down like dogs for him.

Hannity had told him for years that at the first sign of blood, like John Kerry, these fags would run or cower in fear.

How embarassing.

A couple of pro-civil rights pansies brought him down in seconds. A fag-lover sacrificed himself by taking a shotgun blast to the body to protect those behind him.

What I can't imagine is the cognitive dissonance going on in this bastard's head right now as he briefly realizes everything the corporate media and hate talk radio has told him was a lie. Maybe for a few seconds, he wondered to himself, "does that mean Father Dubya lied, too?"

It's too much to ask for, but maybe for a few seconds there; he was horrified and ashamed at what media-whoring millionaires had convinced him to do; how his broke and unemployed ass had fallen for the shit he'd been fed by the elites.

I'm sure that circuit was soon burned up; and he immediately went back to reassuring himself by sucking on the thumb of Weiner once again.

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