Friday, June 13, 2008

Voting Your Interest

"What if a judge solicited cases from big corporations by offering them a business-friendly venue in which to pursue consumers who are behind on their bills? What if the judge tried to make this pitch more appealing by teaming up with the corporations' outside lawyers? And what if the same corporations helped pay the judge's salary?

It would, of course, amount to a conflict of interest and cast doubt on the fairness of proceedings before the judge.

Yet that's essentially how one of the country's largest private arbitration firms operates."
Here is an example of something that most people I know, right or left, agree is an outrage. Additionally, right or left, they would all agree something should be done to shutdown these criminally fixed arbitration hearings; replacing them with fair hearings by actual impartial judges.

That's where the sanity ends, however. The 30% dead-ender Bushies are waiting for Limbaugh to tell them why Democrats are to blame (okay, Biden is one reason) but the rest of them wouldn't vote for a Dem to fix the problem because the queers might marry.

Banks vs. Consumers (Guess Who Wins)

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