Monday, June 09, 2008

Right Wing Utopia

Here's what's not said in this article: today's America is exactly where Republican policies led it; and where Republican leadership want it.

The money men behind such hits as Dubya, Darth, and McSame get wood when reading the following:

"Whether triggered by increased productivity, mergers or by the lure of lower labor costs overseas, the social contract between employers and employees is not what it used to be. This has made workers more quiescent, when it comes to asking for enough of a raise to keep up with inflation.
Thus in lieu of wage inflation, we have wage deflation.

The multi-million dollar CEO you work for salivates at your "quiescence" (aka bending over without question.) Some will take the next quote to heart, suggesting that even the most evil of Republicans at some point favor the worker for the following reason:

And given that consumers account for over two-thirds of economic activity, this does not bode well for the economic outlook."

Pshaw. The gap between rich and poor is now sufficiently large that a cratering economy will have zero effect on the Republican elite. Sure, they will piss and moan that the avalanche of money currently being transferred from the poor and middle class slows down; but their children's children will still be living off the riches grabbed during Dubya's reign.

And your kids? They'll have one of two choices. Dog food, or revolution.

If only this were the 70s -

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