Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Your Miserable Media

This is what's left of our corporate media. Tee-heeing over Clinton crying, "like a girl" left out but obviously the message intended.

What a stinking pile of crap our media has become. Edwards is my nominee; Hillary and Obama both lean too far right for me, but would anyone who reads our papers or watches our cable have any idea at all where they all stand on any issue?

Fuck no. About all you'll ever is the easy, stupid, lowest sound bites our "news" readers can manage: Huck is a Jesus-freak, Romney's in a cult, Edwards is pretty, and Clinton cries.

A below-average college freshman has more insight.

"A teary-eyed Hillary Clinton pushed for support on Monday as polls showed her poised for a huge New Hampshire loss to Democratic rival Barack Obama, but the former front-runner vowed to carry on with her presidential quest even if she loses."

An emotional Clinton vows to fight on - Yahoo! News

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