Saturday, June 02, 2007

Must Be an Election Coming Up

Used to be the Cheney administration would just move the terrorist alert traffic signal up and down when they wanted to scare the public. Now we get the terrorist of the month.

Here's two snippets; you tell me which one will be all over the media and repeated by the Bushies:

Quote A: "In a recorded conversation one suspect predicted there would be few survivors and that the attacks would result in the destruction of 'the whole of Kennedy.' ...

In one recorded conversation, a suspect compared the plot to the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, saying, 'Even the twin towers can't touch it.' He added, 'This can destroy the economy of America for some time.'"

Quote B: "Spokesman Roy Haase declined to comment on security measures but said speculation the plotters hoped to destroy large parts of the pipeline were unrealistic, since any damage would be confined to the area where fuel leaked and the pipeline was almost entirely underground.

'There's no oxygen in the pipeline. It's completely full of liquid and you need oxygen for ignition,' Haase said."

And here's a bonus quote that FauxNews won't lead with; it shouldn't matter, but RightWingNuttia pees in fear much more readily when Teh Qaeda is menioned:
There was no connection to al Qaeda, officials said, but some suspects were linked to an Islamist extremist group in Trinidad.

Four charged in plot to blow up JFK airport - Yahoo! News:

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Dave S. said...

Rats, I was hoping to have spawned "Teh Qaeda" first, but you have beaten me to the punch. Well played.