Thursday, June 07, 2007

Conservative Reality

Ferchrissakes, it's basic math.

You can't bitch about what a disaster Bush has been running this country into the deepest sea of red -- and continue to bray about lowering taxes.

If your checkbook is empty and you skip work, you are a dumbass. Republicans continue to believe their followers are complete morons and can't do the math. "Yeah, Bush sucks driving up the deficit to historic levels. (hic) Goddammit why can't we eliminate the top tax bracket completely?! (hic) That's the only way we'll ever get out of this mess."

Reagan's tax cuts exploded the deficit and the revenue fairy did not magically increase revenues tenfold as the Rightwingnuttia mythology goes. Bush has done the same thing. The next Republican president will cut taxes on the rich even further, with the complete support of Republican fucktards near and far; and once again the deficit will skyrocket.

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