Thursday, May 03, 2007

Censoring Veterans

"The U.S. Army is tightening restrictions on soldiers' blogs and other Web site postings to ensure sensitive information about military operations does not make it onto public forums."

Sounds logical, I suppose. Don't want someone venting about a just completed battle and inadvertently give away their position, Geraldo-style.

Still, it smells funny, because if anyone is looking to protect soldiers' safety it's the soldiers themselves.

"Soldiers in war zones are already subject to restrictions on blogging and public posts. But the Army's new regulation could affect service members who have returned from war zones and started blogs about their combat experiences."

Whoop -- there it is. Our patriot generals love to talk about how they fight for our freedoms; but they sure don't want their soldiers who have left the battlefield entirely to have freedom of speech.

Army clamping down on soldiers' blogs - Yahoo! News

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