Monday, January 15, 2007

Never Happen

Hawaii is apparently thinking about forcing oil companies to reveal pricing practices.

Never happen.

If they were forced by law to spill profit information, they'd just lie about it. They'd have to -- the outrage from us pagans would be so fierce, were we to see it in black and white, that Rape-uglicans would be reviled even in evangelical circles.

It's the one thing that would stop Bubbas from pissing their pants over "ragheads" and "fags"; and that's the last thing neocons want or need. They've already lost a lot of the Bush sheeple.

The Sentinel Online :

"Tesoro spokesman Nathan Hokama said he doesn't have a problem with continuing to provide the state with basic information, but he said additional disclosures could endanger the industry.

'Even if we did provide the state all the information that's required of us, what would they do with the information?' Hokama said. 'For a free market, attempting to regulate or control profits would be very arbitrary.'"

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