Friday, January 05, 2007

Horrible Horizon

Anyone else watch Horizon this Wednesday? They did a "special" report on Arizona's new minimum wage, which will become law after having passed by ballot initiative.

Complete hit piece, re-stating all the old bullshit arguments that have been proven wrong time after time after time: low wage earners will be laid off, small business will cease to exist, nobody works for minimum wage anyway (directly contradicting the first point), and finally "nyah, nyah, this won't hurt us but it will hurt low wage earners due to price inflation" (directly contradicting the second point.)

Study after study shows minimum wage increases either have no effect overall on unemployment or often lowers unemployment if the increase is high enough that the poor can then afford to buy more than food, clothing and shelter.

If you truly buy the right-wing arguments, you should propose lowering the minimum wage to 50 cents an hour. They argue "high" minimum wages are the only thing preventing massive profits for every business in existence.

And hell, they have a point. Just ask any U.S. manufacturing company how profits jumped when they shipped all the jobs overseas.

Just don't ask the middle-class... this "good news" is limited to the top 5% of our wealthiest citizens.

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