Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sick Bastards

It surprises no one but the Kool-Aid drinkers that less than 48 hours after the Republican sexual predator scandal broke, Bill Clinton had been blamed. More than once.

At one point in my life, seeing some of the Christianists refuse to go along with the Republican Noise Machine and demand the ouster of Hastert and others, would have brought me a glimmer of hope for the saving of RightWingNuttia.

However, I've been burned too many times. Behind the scenes as we speak, snakes on the scale of DeLay and Ralph (G)Reed are busily making deals with the "religious" Christianists like SpongeDob Stickypants. Soon, a deal will be struck, and like the legalization of torture, domestic spying, and kingmaking signing statements; another of our values will be sold on the cheap by these disgusting theocons.

Mark Foley Is Just A Victim - Matt Drudge And The Monster Inside The Republican Machine: Yahoo! News

"What we're seeing here, through the prism of this lone sexual predator, is the monster inside the machine. First you have the Republican Congressional leadership, so power hungry, so desperate to hold a seat at any cost, that they cover Mark Foley's tracks for at least a year. The revelation of the coverup is followed almost immediately by the Right Wing Message Machine, with Fox News' Brit Hume comparing Foley to
Bill Clinton and John Gibson trying to equate the current scandal to previous House scandals more than 20 years old. Bill O'Reilly tries to make Foley's actions just a by-product of Foley's homosexuality.

Matt Drudge takes all of this to a deeper, darker place, and perhaps it's logical conclusion. Matt Drudge, like the Republican leadership and the Fox News commentators, is so single minded and addicted to power that he's willing to blame the children themselves.

This is how upside down and wretched their world has become. They blame the children for the actions of adults. And it's no different from the mindset that blames other countries for our failure to find weapons of mass destruction, a mindset that cannot ever accept responsibility, it's just more obvious."

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