Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rick Renzi Hiding MoneyChanger Out in the Open

The Patty Roe Story: the interesting ethics of Congressman Rick Renzi (

'Congressional rules are designed to prevent “senior” staffers from simultaneously having two careers, in order to prevent conflicts of interest. Federal law and ethics rules also bar any staffers from working on political campaigns unless they do it on their free time. And no campaign work can be done from a government office, such as a congressional office building. But the office of ethically-challenged Republican Congressman Rick Renzi of Arizona has figured out a way to trample on the spirit of both rules. Here's how he does it:

A woman named Patty Roe works in Renzi's office as his administrative assistant, and during the first half of this year, Roe was paid at a rate that works out to about $95,000 per year. “Prior to joining the Congressman's office, Patty owned her own consulting business in Washington, D.C., ... Patty has represented clients ranging from local, state, and federal candidates, to national associations and coalitions specializing in . . . fundraising efforts for the past five years.”'

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