Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Eyes Are Bleeding

As if ABC's docufraud, FauxNews, and the "paid for by BushCo" journalists aren't enough; the New York Times gets into the lying act.

Now, this hack-o-matic would argue he isn't lying, it's just "artful spin".. but read the NYT article first, then go read the actual letter Lamont wrote linked on Atrios.

Verdict: NYT version is pure, unadulterated BULLSHIT.

Eschaton: Journamalism

"Ned Lamont, who this week chastised Senator Joseph I. Lieberman for his public rebuke of President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, wrote to Mr. Lieberman at the time praising the eloquence of his speech on the Senate floor."

Actual letter:

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