Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Game, Set, Match

Bush volleys ---

"Bush said al Qaeda's vision was to create a 'unified totalitarian Islamic state that can confront and eventually destroy the free world.'

Bin Laden has declared Iraq 'the capital of the caliphate,' said Bush, who has often faced criticism for trying to tie Iraq into the broader 'war on terrorism.'

Kerry returns serve; Bush eats it ---

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry, the losing presidential candidate in 2004, responded that if Bush had killed bin Laden in late 2001, 'he wouldn't have to quote this barbarian's words today.'

'Afghanistan is slipping back into chaos, Pakistan is one coup away from becoming a radical Islamic state with nuclear weapons, Iran is closer to a nuclear arsenal, and Iraq has become a recruitment poster for terror,' Kerry said."

Bush warns of Iraqi caliphate: Yahoo! News

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