Sunday, May 07, 2006

Theocon Over-reach-around

More and more, I feel the only thing that will save this country from the absolute disaster that will follow if SCOTUS outlaws abortion is the masses finally realizing that the theocons don't hate abortion; they hate those who enjoy sex.

Hullabaloo: The War on Fucking

"So-called 'Christian' sex manuals go into considerable detail as to what intimate activities are permitted or not - to opposite-gender married couples only, naturally. Speaking about one rather popular leisure activity, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, 'don't recommend or advocate oral sex' but they can find nothing in the Bible that prevents a married couple from 'enjoying' it. Actually, this is a bit of a dodge, because if you read what Tim LaHaye has to say elsewhere, it's clear he finds oral sex disgusting. These clowns not only want to limit sex to state-approved coupling, but also dictate to the rest of us where we can put our lips, vulvas, penises, hands, asses, and breasts. And if we don't do sex their way, we are immoral. They fervently hope, once again, we'll be subject to arrest."

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