Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why "The Wall" Won't Stop Immigration

Folks, if you're pissed about all these brown people within your midst, please direct your anger to who's responsible --- corporations.

Just like the massively failed "drug war", our borders will always be open when have so much demand. Illegal immigration is outsourcing on steroids, and big business can't get enough of it.

The workers are busting ass for little pay and the majority are exploited; they even fight in our damn wars. Most have earned a right to citizenship; not like some elite, coddled Senator who was given everything he has.

Many Mexicans Have Jobs Before Crossing - Yahoo! News

"As debate over immigration heats up in the United States, more and more U.S. companies in need of cheap labor are turning to undocumented employees to recruit friends and relatives back home, and to smugglers to find job seekers.

Darcy Tromanhauser, of the nonprofit law project Nebraska Appleseed, said companies in need of workers rely on the networks to 'pass along the information more effectively than billboards.'

'It started out more explicitly, where (meatpacking) companies used to have buses to transport people to come up, and they would advertise directly in Mexico,' she said. 'Now I think that happens more informally.'"

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