Thursday, April 06, 2006

Leaker-In-Chief, Indeed

How much more can you stomach, righties? Your commander tells you to be pissed-pants scared of terrorism, spend your kids money like you've never had a job, transferred fabulous amounts of wealth from the poor to the elite, and whipped your Evangelicals into hysterical frenzy while butchering the words and ideals of your Christ.

Bush said to have cleared Iraq leak - Yahoo! News

"A former top White House aide testified that President George W. Bush authorized leaking classified intelligence in 2003 in the face of criticism of his Iraq policy from a former ambassador, according to court papers made public on Thursday.

Democrats seized on the news, accusing Bush of hypocrisy. The president has often denounced leaks from his administration and vowed to punish the leakers. This was the first time Bush was directly linked to this incident.

'If the disclosure is true, it's breathtaking. The president is revealed as the leaker-in-chief,' said Rep. Jane Harman (news, bio, voting record) of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee."

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