Saturday, March 18, 2006

Parrtial Victory Indeed

On the one hand, privacy rights are upheld ...

"A federal judge denied a U.S. government request that Google Inc. be ordered to hand over a sample of keywords customers use to search the Internet, but required on Friday that the company produce some Web addresses indexed in its system."

But I can't help being disturbed by the judge's wording of the ruling. This reads like less of a defense of privacy, and more like just another step towards corporatism:

"'The expectation of privacy by some Google users may not be reasonable, but may nonetheless have an appreciable impact on the way in which Google is perceived, and consequently the frequency with which users use Google,' Ware wrote."

Sounds like something Alito might say. "Well, of course the peasants have no right to privacy; but Holy Crap, this could threaten the sacred profits of MegaCorp!"

Google wins partial keywords victory - Yahoo! News

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