Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Daou Challenge

At times, you'll see a list of things that, despite having heard each one before; blows your mind when presented en masse.

A list of all fake scandals of the Clinton administration, for instance. Or every reason we were given for going to war in Iraq.

This article lists the most recent pro-Right, anti-left spin that the corporate media has been spouting. Even though the "liberal media" died years ago, even now I can be stunned at the kow-towing the media does for their RightWingNuttia masters. - Daou Report
"So here's my challenge to rightwing bloggers who assail the media for liberal bias (and to journalists who think it's all a he-said-she-said pissing match): Back up your claims. With concrete examples of bias. And without the tautological crutch that any story critical of the administration is proof of liberal bias."

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