Saturday, January 21, 2006

Worst President Ever: FDA

Here it is, Republican governance. Atlas may have shrugged, but Japan didn't.

What do you get when you cross power-hungry politicos, criminal lobbyists, and corporate beef producers pressuring both to weaken the FDA?

A fucking disaster.

They were all blissfully slapping each other on the back, happily in bed together; Big Beef pocketing profits they used to spend complying with regulation, lobbyists getting fat on their cash, and politicans filling their campaign coffers as well.

Now, none of them are happy.

Japanese Stores Pull U.S. Beef Off Shelves: Yahoo! News

"Japan announced Friday it would hold all American beef at ports until the U.S. delivers a report on how prohibited cattle backbone got into a shipment from Atlantic Veal & Lamb Inc. The measure came two weeks after Tokyo lifted a two-year ban on U.S. beef imports."

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