Tuesday, January 10, 2006

When Do We Give Up Such Hearings

Honestly, what's the point? We know Roberts is a die-hard, worst-class Rightie; and Strip Search Sammy is a proud member of RightWingNuttia. They refuse to speak even in general terms about their personal views. If they can't tell us what their judicial philosophy is; why the Hell are we having hearings?!

This is why Bush-lovin' Harriet's nomination was killed before the hearings. She could have weathered that storm; I don't care have unqualified she was. The only goal in the hearings is to hide any meaningful view of your judicial philosophy.

I'm actually shocked that Finegold managed to get him to partially admit he lied to Congress about his then future Vanguard dealings. Of course, he's lying about Concerned Alumni for Princeton.

MyDD :: Is Alito Lying About Concerned Alumni for Princeton?

"Alito is lying about his involvement with Concerned Alumni for Princeton, and the reason he is lying is because membership with such an organization demonstrates an embarrassing level of opposition to civil rights in this country that should disqualify someone from being a Supreme Court Justice. That he is unwilling to be truthful during his confirmation hearings further demonstrates just how unqualified he is."

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