Sunday, January 01, 2006

President KGBush Defends Illegal Spying

So Bush continues to make the following case:

The FISA court, setup to be a rubberstamp for spying warrants, found the Bush administration's case for broad spying so weak that even it would not sign-off on the warrants.

Bush says he knew, without asking anyone, that his excuse for spying was so weak that even a rubberstamp Republican Congress wouldn't change the laws so he could spy unimpeded on Americans.

So finally, he went ahead and did it anyway, because he's the President. No checks and balances needed, those other branches are irrelevant; he's the President, so he can do anything he damn well pleases.

But how far does this spying authority go?

"'If somebody from al Qaeda is calling you, we'd like to know why,' Bush said."

I guarantee you members of Bush's inner circle, likely even Papa Bush, receive calls from the money men behind Saudi Arabian terrorists; the bin Laden family immediately comes to mind. Are those calls subject to NSA spying?

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