Monday, January 23, 2006

I Like This Guy

My New Favorite Kossack...

Daily Kos: So You Want to Play Hardball Eh?

"What the Neocons have done is brilliant in its sick, slimey way. They've managed to convince a large segment of Christians in the US that cutting benefits and protection for the working class and poor, extending benefits to the wealthy at their expense, engaging in warfare based on lies and deception, and torture, are more central values to Christianity than mercy, civil rights, help for the poor and sick, and the shunning of wealth and power. It's a stunning achievement considering how backasswards that is to the Gospels and the entire New Testament.

And whenever the wheels look they might fall off on a specific bit of deception, and their own rank and file will notice the emperor has no clothes, the Neocons engage in calling their opposition, whomever they may be, unpatriotic, fags and lesbos, cowards, and terrorist sympathizers. The Big Smear. It doesn't matter who or what gets in their way, they'll do it to anyone, for the most trivial of reasons. George Washington could rise from the grave with Thomas Jefferson at his side, and if they disagreed with the agenda du jour of the WH or Tom DeLay, they'd be painted as cowards and traitors. The Neocons smeared John McCain, Max Cleland, John Kerry, and now John Murtha, and by proxy, the greatest generation. The religious right dutifully swallowed it all and spread it like a virus."

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