Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blitzer: Somewhere There's a Pasture Waiting

Walking out the door and heading home, I passed a monitor streaming CNN. Wolf Blitzer and a mute Paula Zahn were listening to some wanker drone on and on about "Bush's field of vision" while giving the State of the Union speech.

"And if he looks over here, he'll see something very special.. the First Lady" [like he doesn't see Pickles every goddam morning?] "and Rex the Wonder Dog! There's a real story behind that!"

Are you.. fucking.. kidding me? I shit you not, save the Wonder Dog embellishment. On the night of the possible end of the Great Experiment, the beginning of the reign of One Party Rule - one President, who owns Congress and the Court - we have CNN showing Blitzer and Zahn, looking like game show hosts, listening to some dumb ass talk about the President's dog?

Jeebus, Joseph, and Mary Jane: what hope is there for our country?

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