Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another Republican Criminal?

So Dr. Sandra Dowling is being investigated for "bid rigging, nepotism, malfeasance of office and misuse of public funds."

And she's Republican. Shocking, that.

East Valley Tribune: Criminal inquiry targets head of county schools
"The Maricopa County school superintendent is under criminal investigation after a renowned school she founded for homeless children had a budget deficit of $4 million."

And we thought the bad ol' days were over when Ev Mecham, Fife Symington, and Jim Wright all got run out of office. It never ends with these holy-rolling Repugs...
"Dowling, a Republican, is the second county officeholder to be investigated in two years.

Former County Assessor Kevin Ross, also a Republican, was convicted in December 2004 of conflict of interest."

The beautiful part of this investigation is Dowling was a typical public-school-hater. Like most RightWingNuts, though, her charter-home-alternative school advocacy turns out to be for a simple reason: greed.

Stealing from the homeless school she helped found.


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