Sunday, December 04, 2005

Scalito Would Make a Good Chandler Cop

Not to besmirch the entire Chandler PD; in fact, I admire the Chandler police chief for firing one of their boys in blue after he murdered a drug-seeking mom in front of her baby (but of course, the theocon jury members praised jeebus and set the killer cop free.)

I'm not sure even that moronic jury would have sided with Alito in suggesting that shooting a kid in the head and asking questions later is "reasonable."

Hullabaloo: Alito Night Music

"Judge Alito weighed in on a case involving an officer who was investigating a possible burglary. The officer heard a door slam, then went to the backyard where he “shined his flashlight on a youth who appeared to be unarmed and who was trying to climb a six-foot-high chain link fence to escape.” The officer “seized” the kid by shooting him in the head."

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