Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Reality Distortion Battlefield

Can you say "fuckin' crazy"? The Gang that Couldn't Truth Straight is telling Israel a de-stabilized Syria will be good for them.

Daily Kos: More neocon fantasies

"Our forces would be greeted as liberators, showered with rose petals, yadda, yadda. Of course, our forces have been showered with mortars, 7.62mm AK rounds, and IED shrapnel in what is an unwinnable war. But is the PNAC crew humbled and chastened? Fuck no. They now deign to tell the Israelis what is best for their interests. Perhaps the most security-minded nation in the world, with perhaps the most effective intelligence apparatus in the world, is being lectured by idiot neocon 'intellectuals' about what will and won't be 'transformative' in their own backyard.

Such hubris is breathtaking. The PNAC doctrine is no longer think tank theory. We've seen it in action and it is utterly discredited. Reality hasn't been kind fo their notions of 'transformation' in the Middle East. Yet they persist as though that thing called 'Iraq' hasn't happened."

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