Sunday, December 18, 2005

Oligarchy, Kingdom, or Fantastically Corrupt Democracy: You Decide

Look, I didn't fall off the Duke Stir yesterday. Democratic politicians can be just as corrupt as any individual Republican. But the GOP appears to have generated its own Interent bubble; only they are all growing fat off thievery of tax dollars, kickbacks, and the corpses of young men and women in Iraq.

Democrats typically go bad when they leave office and feed at the pig trough on K-Street. Neocons steal elections, steal while in office, and steal when they leave.

Daily Kos: Bush's "Pioneers and Rangers" Under Investigation

"Federal and state authorities are investigating the Bush Pioneers and Rangers, individuals who raised at least $100,000 or $200,000 for President Bush's re-election, for bribery, money laundering, stock manipulation, and extortion.

Democrats have said that as investigations continue, there will be 'enough [convictions] for their own prison softball team.'

'The Republican culture of corruption, it knows no bounds. It's a deterioration of values.' said Amaya Smith, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee."

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