Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oil = Money = Power = Republicans

The NeoChristoTheocons are in a bind on this one. Letting the poor freeze to death isn't something Christ really stood for. Billions of dollars to our oil companies means billions heading over to Saudi Arabia; supporting that makes you weak on homeland security. And finally, pro-business corporatists can often get away with fucking Joe Six Pack; but even the dumbest, racist redneck doesn't get warm fuzzies from paying $50 to fill his pickup.

Even the South is going to be pissed when they start to put together this basic formula: Republican House, Republican Senate, Republican White House, and soon to be Republican Supreme Court.

Republican gas prices, Republican war, and Republican health insurance and drug prices.

Daily Kos: Oil companies making GOP nervous

"Congressional Democrats initiated the call for a tax on oil profits and have introduced half a dozen pieces of legislation to impose a levy on the industry."

"Republicans are sweating this one. Soaring home heating costs this winter are apt to inflict another body blow on Bush and his cronies, fueled by the rampant GOP-sanctioned greed of the GOP-backed oil companies. Exxon Mobile scored a $10 BILLION quarterly profit, while the next four largest energy companies added $22 billion. And that's just for the last three months."

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