Saturday, November 05, 2005

Modern Media: Stylized Tripe

Sometimes the sheer volume of lies, spin, or just plain ol' bad journalism we see in a week is overwhelming. Media Matters has a great wrap up of our floundering "press" here:

Media Matters: Bush poll numbers keep dropping; media figures keep predicting "rebound"
Krugman: "Hans Christian Andersen understood bad rulers. 'The Emperor's New Suit' doesn't end with everyone acclaiming the little boy for telling the truth. It ends with the emperor and his officials refusing to admit their mistake.

I've laid my hands on additional material, which Andersen failed to publish, describing what happened after the imperial procession was over.


Fox News repeatedly played up possible finds of imperial clothing, then buried reports discrediting these stories. Months after the naked procession, a poll found that many of those getting most of their news from Fox believed that the emperor had in fact been clothed.

Imperial officials eventually admitted that they couldn't find any evidence that the suit ever existed, or that there had even been an effort to produce a suit. They insisted, however, that they had found evidence of wardrobe-manufacturing-and-distribution-related program activities."

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