Monday, November 21, 2005

G.M. Shrinking to Greatness

Sad day for unions yet again.

I can't stand how the corporate media always sells the company line. Of course the Times blames "lower labor costs" in Asia as the reason GM is tanking, along with more desirable cars.

Health care costs, I understand. How about rising gas prices while GM was still building gas hogs? Didn't they learn a damn thing in the 70's?

They bet the farm on SUVs, they never marketed hybrids aggressively, and they weren't selling what the public was buying. Being a monstrous corporation with a turning radius the diameter of the moon didn't help any, either.

Labor costs were the least of their problems.

Mix of Shock and Resignation on G.M. Shop Floors Set to Close - New York Times

"Many of the plants that will close, like Doraville Assembly and the Lansing Metal Center, are more than 50 years old and date back to an era when G.M. held a commanding share of the American car market. As Asian competitors with lower labor costs and vehicles that many Americans consider more desirable have cut G.M.'s market share down to about a quarter of all American vehicles, the automaker has grappled to regain its competitiveness. Closing under-used plants and trimming its work force is one way it hopes to do that."

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