Sunday, October 16, 2005

Plamegate Rule #1: Don't Talk About Plamegate

This Modern World: Greg Saunders: The Plame-gate Escape Hatch

"What's the more likely scenario? Karl Rove lying to the Patrick Fitgerald or George W. Bush?

Considering the connections the White House has at both the Justice Department and the CIA, they had to know that the shit was gonna hit the fan before the investigation officially started and that should have given them more than enough time to get their stories straight. After all, the first thing they teach you in 'Criminal Conspiracies 101' is that you should always protect the boss. It's especially true in this case since 'the boss' has the power to pardon anyone who ends up getting in trouble along with the plausible deniability of being 'in a bubble' and 'completely retarded'. Assuming the indictments, trials, and convictions happen at a reasonable pace, we can start expecting those pardons after the mid-terms. Trust me, this article is just evidence that the fix has been in since Day One.

And before you starting thinking I'm a conspiracy theorist or something, I've got two words for you : Iran-Contra."

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