Sunday, October 09, 2005

Delphi's Bankurptcy About One Thing

Delphi's Workers Face Uncertain Future - Yahoo! News

When Delphi announced it was filing for bankruptcy, I was going to post about a few choice lines of bullshit in their press release. Basically Delphi blames all of their problems on middle-class wages and benefits. The AP writer dutifully included this line without comment, as if Delphi existed in this alternate universe where multi-million management had no role in making the choices that got them where they are today.

The American public knows what the corporatist media and Republican right refuse to acknowledge; the auto industry was driven into the ground by filthy rich CEOs and board members who failed to build better cars than Japan.

It's no more complicated than that... and it's the reason Delphi was spun off in the first place. But wingers and media love the "high cost of wages and benefits" line, and the American front-line worker is always slandered when a company goes under.

"UAW officials blasted Delphi's decision to file for bankruptcy one day after sweetening the severance packages of 21 top executives to help persuade them to stay at the company.

'Once again, we see the disgusting spectacle of the people at the top taking care of themselves at the same time they are demanding extraordinary sacrifices from their hourly workers, engineers, administrative and support staff, midlevel managers and others,' union leaders said in a statement.

Delphi said it made the change after determining its severance package for top executives was not competitive.

The company asked the union for wage cuts of more than 50 percent, according to letters released by union leaders. Delphi wants to cut hourly wages from — $27 an hour to $10 to $12 an hour and eliminate a jobs bank that gives full pay to 4,000 laid-off workers, the letters said."

The bias in this country against workers is so great that Delphi won't even try to explain the twised logic that says: multi-million dollar stock packages for executives is uncompetitive, but we feel perfectly fine offering uncompetitive wages to our line workers.

Unfortunately, I work with dozens of Arizonans making $10/hour or less who love having neocons, Republicans, and corporatists bend them over the table and insert some conservative sand and broken glass. By God, wages may be frozen, health care skyrocketing, the federal deficit prepping us for the next Great Depression; but at least the queers can't marry!

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