Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bankruptcy Smoke and Mirrors

TPMCafe: Justice Dept Says It Won't Enforce New Bankruptcy Laws

So the Cheney administration has announced that Justice isn't going to enforce the new bankruptcy law where hurricane victims are concerned. Here's my question: what's the difference between a hurricane victim and the victim of a medical disaster? And when it comes to money problems out of one's control, how much different is either case from a divorce- or layoff-induced bankruptcy?

This move is a fig-leaf to try and hide the fact this is a terrible law that punishes the poor and unfortunate. It should never have been passed in the first place, and the blood-sucking Republicans and spineless Democrats who voted for it should be swiftly swept out of office.

"In the latest twist in the Bankruptcy Potboiler, the Justice Department has announced that it will waive enforcement of portions of the new bankruptcy law for Louisiana residents and some Mississippi residents. They got it right: On the eve of the effective date of the new laws, they see that the bill is a terrible mess for people who are in desperate financial trouble. Hurrah for the Justice Department for saying they will back off this terrible bill. Notice that to provide even minimal protection for people following a catastrophe, the Justice Department must offer wholesale waiver of enforcement of multiple provisions that Congress specifically put into the bill."

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